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InterAct@MRTC aims at increasing cooperation between industry and academia, above all in terms of common research projects, to lay the foundation for a stable and long-term cooperation with our partner companies. This is particularly important with respect to how Embedded Systems' research leads to commercialization and new products: We contribute to business innovation by gearing up the companies´ own development and also contribute significantly to the pre-development through the research we conduct.

When working with smaller companies, we can also connect companies in order to reach new markets by working together in research and development. We do not just work with companies in the region or in the country, but also work actively within Europe, looking at funding from programs like FP7, Artemis and ITEA2. We help our partner companies to find financing to support their own development and our network is of great benefit to those companies who want to expand their network in Europe.

Objectives of the activities within InterAct @ MRTC are several:
● Disseminate the results of our research.
● Increase the knowledge of our skills of our partners.
● Increase the researchers' interaction with industry and give them an opportunity to present their research to an industrial audience.
● Increase the number of projects carried out in cooperation with external partners.

Measurable goals for InterAct @ MRTC:
● Increase the number of research projects with business involvement (annual survey)

Malin Rosqvist, Research project manager

Phone: +46 70 235 22 32