VDM - Vehicle Driver Monitoring



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The VDM project aims to provide tools for development of safety systems including a basis for continuously monitoring driver’s state and based on these, carry out suitable counter measurements to prevent/reduce accidents. It will develop state of the art knowledge in the area of physiological measuring and analysis, strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish automotive industry and provide tools for development of active safety systems. The participants in the project have extensive experience of studying different driver states and human monitoring e.g. of research on mental load, sleepiness and advanced analysis methods. In the VDM project this will be brought together in a general research framework and a mental-load model, using physiological measures as indicators. The results of the VDM project will provide a basis for future research and development in the field of driver states.

Shahina Begum, Professor

Email: shahina.begum@mdu.se
Room: U1-089
Phone: +46-21-107370