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Data Field Haskell is an extension of the functional language Haskell with data fields, a generic and flexible data type for indexed entities. Data fields extend the array concept to sparse, irregular, and possibly infinite data structures. Data Field Haskell supports data parallel programming, a programming style where data structures are used directly in operations rather than the individual elements. It is often possible to write very generic data parallel programs, at a high level of abstraction, in this language. Thus, Data Field Haskell is apt as a high-level specification language for systems where parallelism is important, like systems-on-chip.

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Björn Lisper Professor

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Reimplementing Data Field Haskell (Apr 2007)
Jesper Simos

The Data Field Model (Jun 2001)
Björn Lisper, Per Hammarlund

Data Field Haskell (Sep 2000)
Jonas Holmerin , Björn Lisper
Proc. Fourth Haskell Workshop

Elemental Function Overloading in Explicitly Typed Languages (Sep 2000)
Claes Thornberg , Björn Lisper
Proc. 12th International Workshop of Implementation of Functional Languages

Development of Parallel Algorithms in Data Field Haskell (Aug 2000)
Jonas Holmerin , Björn Lisper
Proc. Euro-Par 2000

Development and Verification of Parallel Algorithms in the Data Field Model (Jul 2000)
Björn Lisper, Jonas Holmerin
Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Constructive Methods for Parallel Programming

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