Modeling and Analysis of Risks in Systems-of-Systems



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More and more tasks in society require collaboration between many actors. With digitalisation, the actors are linked together in socio-technical systems-of-systems (SoS). This creates new risks that current risk management methods do not handle well. The project aims to increase the efficiency of analysis and management of risks in critical societal SoS. The focus will be on shortcomings in the consensus between different actors' worldviews and priorities, and how this affects their joint capability. In addition, modeling and simulation will be used to deal with the complexity of SoS. The project will be conducted in close collaboration with relevant societal actors, and risks in three specific cases will be studied to validate the methodology. These cases are: rescue services in the event of a forest fire; pandemic measures; and future autonomous transport systems. The project is funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and is carried out in collaboration with RISE.

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