SmartDelta: Automated Quality Assurance and Optimization in Incremental Industrial Software Systems Development



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Too often it is observed that as a system is being built and incremented with new features, certain quality aspects of the system begin to deteriorate. Therefore, it is important to be able to accurately analyze and determine the quality implications of each change and increment to a system. To address these challenges, SmartDelta builds automated solutions for quality assessment of product deltas in a continuous engineering environment by providing smart analytics from development artifacts and system execution, offering insights into quality improvements or degradation of different product versions, and providing recommendations for next builds.

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Requirements Classification for Smart Allocation: A Case Study in the Railway Industry (Sep 2023)
Sarmad Bashir, Muhammad Abbas, Alessio Ferrari , Mehrdad Saadatmand , Pernilla Lindberg
2023 IEEE 31st International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE) (RE'23)

Understanding Problem Solving in Software Testing: An Exploration of Tester Routines and Behavior (Sep 2023)
Eduard Paul Enoiu, Gregory Gay , Jameel Esber , Robert Feldt
IFIP-ICTSS 35th International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS 2023)

Test Generation and Mutation Analysis of Energy Consumption using UPPAAL SMC and MATS (Aug 2023)
Jonatan Larsson , Eduard Paul Enoiu
The 7th International Workshop on Testing Extra-Functional Properties and Quality Characteristics of Software Systems (ITEQS 2023)

Requirement or Not, That is the Question: A Case from the Railway Industry (Apr 2023)
Sarmad Bashir, Muhammad Abbas, Mehrdad Saadatmand , Eduard Paul Enoiu, Markus Bohlin, Pernilla Lindberg
Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ 2023)

Making Sense of Failure Logs in an Industrial DevOps Environment (Feb 2023)
Muhammad Abbas, Ali Hamayouni , Mahshid Helali Moghadam, Mehrdad Saadatmand , Per Erik Strandberg
20th International Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2023)

Combining Model-Based Testing and Automated Analysis of Behavioural Models using GraphWalker and UPPAAL (Jan 2023)
Saurabh Tiwari, Kumar Iyer , Eduard Paul Enoiu
29th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) (APSEC 2022)

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