AORTA: Advanced Offloading for Real-Time Applications



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We are currently witnessing a second wave of cloud services that go beyond web storefronts and IT systems, including the digitalization of industrial systems. Automation and time-sensitive systems are now taking their first steps toward the cloud. AORTA aims to facilitate this transition by providing key technology components needed for real-time services running in the cloud. The ambition is to support a future ecosystem around robotics that enables a new level of flexible productivity in the manufacturing industry. AORTA will develop technologies that allow offloading of real-time services and functionality to the edge and cloud. We will build upon recent advances in 5G and cloud and networking technologies, as well as cutting-edge research results. The AORTA framework will support a fluid compute model where functionality will be dynamically deployed locally, at the edge, or in the cloud and support integration and real-time performance irrespective of where they execute. The results of the project will be demonstrated in a real-world robotics building construction scenario running on a live 5G network with real-world edge and large-scale cloud service. The AORTA technologies will impact automation SMEs and system integrators by adding real-time capabilities needed to evolve beyond the currently closed ecosystem. They will also add value to telecom providers and operators that may host these new automation services in addition to their current portfolio.