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Implementation of high-speed digit-serial LDI allpass filters (Aug 2005)
Krister Landernäs, Johnny Holmberg

Implementation of bit-level pipelined digit-serial multipliers (Jun 2005)
Krister Landernäs, Johnny Holmberg

Nonlinear State-Space Model of Charge-Pump Based Frequency Synthesizers (May 2005)
Tord Johnson, Johnny Holmberg
IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

A high-speed low-latency digit-serial hybrid adder (May 2004)
Krister Landernäs, Johnny Holmberg

Digit-serial implementation of LDI/LDD allpass filters (May 2002)
Krister Landernäs, Johnny Holmberg, Lennart Harnefors

Implementation aspects of second-order LDI/LDD allpass filters (Aug 2001)
Johnny Holmberg, Krister Landernäs

Computational properties of LDI/LDD lattice filters (May 2001)
Johnny Holmberg, Lennart Harnefors, Krister Landernäs

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