Tord Johnson, Doctoral student (not working at IDT anymore)

Tord Johnson was born in Jönköping Sweden in 1977. He received the M.Sc EE degree from Mälardalen University, in 2002. The same year, he joined the Department of Electronics as a Ph.D student in the circuit design area and in 2005 he received his licentiate degree. His main research focus includes modeling and designing frequency synthesizers for radio-frequency communication systems.
The main research area concerns the modeling and implementation of frequency synthesizers for multi-standard radio-frequency communication systems. Many of the sub-design blocks within the synthesizer are studied. For the moment the main focus is amied at the low-frequency sub-designs in the control loop. Much time is spent on developing accurate and fast models including the present nonlinearites in the synthesizer for issues such as the dynamic behavior and noise properties.