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Licentiate Thesis (1)

Operational Semantics for PLEX: A Basis for Safe Parallelization (May 2008)
Johan Lindhult

Conference/Workshop Paper (4)

Sequential PLEX, and its Potential for Parallel Execution (Jul 2007)
Johan Lindhult, Björn Lisper
13th International Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers, CPC 2007

Formal Semantics for PLEX (Oct 2005)
Johan Lindhult, Björn Lisper
17th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, NWPT05

Two Formal Semantics for PLEX (Sep 2005)
Johan Lindhult, Björn Lisper
3rd APPSEM II Workshop, APPSEM05

A Formal Semantics for PLEX (Apr 2004)
Johan Lindhult, Björn Lisper
2nd APPSEM II Workshop, APPSEM04

Report - MRTC (2)

An Operational Semantics for the Execution of PLEX in a Shared Memory Architecture (Apr 2008)
Johan Lindhult

A Structural Operational Semantics for PLEX (Dec 2003)
Johan Lindhult

Report (2)

Licentiate Thesis Proposal: An Operational Semantics for Parallel Execution of Re-entrant PLEX (Jun 2005)
Johan Lindhult

The Execution Model of APZ/PLEX - An Informal Description (Dec 2002)
Johan Lindhult, Bo Lindell

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