Sara Gestrelius (not working at IDT anymore)

Sara Gestrelius is an industrial Ph.D. student at Mälardalen University, and a researcher at SICS Swedish ICT. In 2009 she earned a B.Sc. in Natural Sciences (Computer Science and Physics) from Durham University, and in 2010 an M.Sc. in Operational Research from the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests generally lie within combinatorial optimization and scheduling.

Sara's licentiate thesis can be found here:

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Latest publications:

Optimization Methods for Multistage Freight Train Formation (Feb 2015)
Markus Bohlin, Sara Gestrelius, Florian Dahms, Matúš Mihalák , Holger Flier
Transportation Science (TRANSPORT SCI)

Optimisation of simultaneous train formation and car sorting at marshalling yards (May 2013)
Sara Gestrelius, Florian Dahms, Markus Bohlin
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis (IAROR13)

Optimal Freight Train Classification using Column Generation (Dec 2012)
Markus Bohlin, Holger Flier , Sara Gestrelius
12th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems

Simulation of planning strategies for track allocation at marshalling yards (Dec 2012)
Markus Bohlin, Sara Gestrelius
16th International Conference on Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements

On the delivery robustness of train timetables with respect to production replanning possibilities (May 2012)
Sara Gestrelius, Martin Aronsson , Malin Forsgren , Hans Dahlberg
2nd International Conference on Road and Rail Infrastructure (CETRA 2012)