Frank Lüders, Senior Lecturer

Frank Lüders is senior lecturer in software engineering at Mälardalen Universitys School of Innovation, Design and Engineering. He received a BSc in electronics engineering from Vestfold College, Norway in 1993, an MSc in electrical engineering/computer systems from the Technical University of Denmark in 1997, and a PhD in computer science and engineering from Mälardalen University, Sweden in 2006. Frank worked with software development at ABB A/S in Norway until 1999 and at ABB Automation Technologies AB in Sweden until 2003. His research interests include component-based and model-driven development/engineering of industrial software and systems. The research is mainly conducted using empirical methods such as case studies, experiments, and surveys.

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Jämförande studie av teknikplattformar för komponentbaserade applikationer available
Data import/export between MySQL and Microsoft Office in progress
En kunskapsportal i ett industrikluster in progress
Implementation of a web application using third-party web services - Comparison between .NET and PHP in progress
Monitoring and analysis of digital workplace in progress
A Code Generator for Software Component Services in Smart Devices finished
A Comparative Study of Component Models for embedded Systems finished
A Visual Studio Add-In for Software Component Services in Smart Devices finished
A web store based on reusable .NET components finished
Analysverktyg för loggfiler från brandvägg finished
Client for OPC History Data Access finished
Comparasion between Web Platforms finished
Comparative Study of Web Application Development with SQL Server and Db4o finished
Comparison between .NET and Java EE - Implementation of a Cash & Bank Application finished
Comparison between ASP.NET and PHP: Implementation of a Real Estate Database finished
Comparison of two platforms for component-based development of web applications finished
Comparison of Web Development Technologies ‐ ASP.NET & PHP finished
Component-Based Repository finished
Data dependency analysis in industrial systems finished
Design Patterns for OOP Thread Encapsulation in Realtime Applications finished
Developing a remote control application for Windows CE finished
Empirical Evaluation of Using Software Components in Windows CE finished
Evaluation of software components in ERTS finished
Evaluation of Two Web Development Technologies finished
Extending ABB's WirelessHART Tool finished
Implementing Gesticulation in Combination with Pointing Control Using Hidden Markov Models finished
Is it possible to use Oracle TimesTen while maintaining real-time performance? finished
Kunddatabas med fakturering finished
Managing Dependencies in Large Software Systems finished
Migrating from COM to .NET finished
Multicore Pattern finished
Omarbetning av Funda finished
Overview of architecture description languages finished
Performance Testing and Analysis of Modern Web Technologies finished
PLC emulering finished
Real-Time Performance of Windows XP Embedded finished
Safety Supporting Architectural Pattern in ArchWiz finished
Software Component Services for Windows CE finished
Surveying and evaluating software integration tools for software-intensive systems finished
Surveying and evaluating tools for managing processes for software-intensive systems finished
Use of Software Component Models in Embedded Real-Time Systems finished
Utveckling av objektorienterad tracker till ABB´s automationssystem 800xA finished
Visual studio add-in for proxy object code generation finished
Visual Studio add-in to add a logging service to COM components for smart devices finished
Web based sales management system finished
Working for the customer - Acting as software consultant in a migration project finished