Warping - Wait and lock free synchronisation mechanisms



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Our aim in this project is to study and apply the lock/wait-free methods (each one where appropriately suited) to derive new protocols and algorithms for real-time systems and show how they can improve the system behavior, compared with lock-based methods. An important area that we plan to explore is on real-time operating system kernels, in particular wait/lock-free implementations of shared data structures.
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Hans Hansson Professor

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Evaluating the Performance of Wait-Free Snapshots in Real-Time Systems (Aug 1999)
Hans Hansson, Andreas Ermedahl, H. Sundell , P. Tsigas
Swedish National Real-Time Conference SNART99

Wait-Free Snapshots in Real-Time Systems: Algorithms and Performance (Oct 1998)
Andreas Ermedahl, Hans Hansson, M. Papatriantifilou , P. Tsigas
Proc. 5th International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA98)

Hans Hansson, Professor

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