Pasas- Analyzing the enterprise-, system-, and software architecture impact of stakeholders’ concerns for profitable industrial software systems



The outcome of the software architecture is the foundation for the software design which in turn results in a software product. The software product interfaces with all the people that have an interest or share in the products business or enterprise, i.e. its stakeholders. The stakeholders can be users, developers, management, sales & marketing people, shareholders, competitors, support engineers etc. The stakeholders will see advantages as well as disadvantages with the product depending on their own context and on the concerns they find that the product should satisfy. Concerns may influence the enterprise architecture, the system architecture and the software architecture and to analyze a concern’s impact on all levels requires that we have knowledge about the relationships between the architectural levels. The objective of this project is to find a method of analyzing the concerns’ impact on enterprise-, system-, and software architecture, including a way of describing the relationships between the levels, in order to achieve highly profitable industrial software systems.
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Anders Wall
Bonnie E. John
Christer Norström
Elspeth Golden
Fredrik Alfredsson
Len Bass
Pia Stoll
Roland Weiss
Sara Lövemark
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