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The center supports an environment, a creative meeting place, where SICS and the participating industry and university partners collaborate closely and effectively. We define and carry out projects together. The center actively promotes personnel mobility between the center partners, and supports competence development of the center partners. The center builds on and further enhances SICS’ international research reputation and constitutes a platform which increases our ability to participate in international research programs.

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Continuous Security Evaluation and Auditing of Remote Platforms by Combining Trusted Computing and Security Automation Techniques (Nov 2013)
Mudassar Aslam, Christian Gehrmann , Mats Björkman
6th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (SIN 2013)

Trusted Launch of Virtual Machine Instances in Public IaaS Environments (Nov 2012)
Nicolae Paladi , Christian Gehrmann , Mudassar Aslam, Fredric Morenius
15th Annual International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (ICISC 2012)

Securely Launching Virtual Machines on Trustworthy Platforms in a Public Cloud (Apr 2012)
Mudassar Aslam, Christian Gehrmann , Lars Rasmusson , Mats Björkman
2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2012)

Protecting Privated Data in the Cloud (Apr 2012)
Mudassar Aslam, Lars Rasmusson
2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2012)

Security Considerations for Virtual Platform Provisioning (Jul 2011)
Mudassar Aslam, Christian Gehrmann
ECIW '11: Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security (ECIW'11)

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