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Philosophy of Information and Computing (PICO) combines scientific, philosophical and ethic perspectives on the two fundamental phenomena: computation (the process) and information (the structure) . Different aspects of the field are intensely developing internationally within Computing and Philosophy, Foundations of Information, Computability in Europe, Natural Computing, BITRUM and ISIS research communities. Our contributions to the field up to now: organization of the E-CAP 2005, European Computing and Philosophy Conference, followed by the proceedings published in tripleC (tripleC - Cognition, Communication, Co-operation), Information and Entropy journals and number of articles and book chapters and four books within the field.
In 2012 two symposia organized within AISB/IACAP Alan Turing World Congress in Birmingham, on Natural/Unconventional Computing and Social Computing/Multiagent Systems.
Two special journal issues prepared for journals Information and Entropy. In 2013 COMUTING NATURE book have been published in Springer SAPERE Series.

Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Professor

Email: gordana.dodig-crnkovic@mdu.se
Room: U1-106
Phone: +46 73 662 05 11