APICS - A Process for Efficient and Effective Integration of Component Based Software



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The research in Component Based Software Engineering has described requirements on individual components and the system aspects related to combination of components. However, the process for integrating components requires additional capabilities and characteristics to secure that the assembly of parts results in the expected product or system. These characteristics include both process oriented attributes such as review coverage and product oriented attributes such as performance.The goal of this project is to investigate and improve current practices in the integration of systems built on Component Based Software. The main research goal is to propose and evaluate integration processes for systems, with focus on real time systems
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Ivica Crnkovic Professor
Fredrik Ekdahl
Stig Larsson

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Software product integration: A case study-based synthesis of reference models (Jun 2009)
Stig Larsson , Petri Myllyperkiö , Fredrik Ekdahl , Ivica Crnkovic
Information and Software Technology

Key Elements of Software Product Integration Processes (Dec 2007)
Stig Larsson

Assessing the Influence on Processes when Evolving the Software Architecture (Sep 2007)
Stig Larsson , Anders Wall, Peter Wallin
9th International Workshop On Principles of Software Evolution

Product integration improvement based on analysis of build statistics (Sep 2007)
Stig Larsson , Petri Myllyperkiö , Fredrik Ekdahl
Proceedings of the 6th joint meeting of the european software engineering conference and the 14th ACM SIGSOFT symposium on Foundations of software engineering

Industry evaluation of the Requirements Abstraction Model (May 2007)
Tony Gorschek , Per Garre , Stig Larsson , Claes Wohlin
Requirements Engineering Journal

A Model for Technology Transfer in Practice (Nov 2006)
Claes Wohlin , Tony Gorschek , Per Garre , Stig Larsson
IEEE Software

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