ESCAPE - Efficient and effective functional safety for complex autonomous production systems



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The ESCAPE project is a feasibility study that will pave the way for a larger research effort aiming to provide infrastructure and solutions that will enable a production facility operator to manage a fleet of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles and machines from multiple suppliers in a way that maximise productivity, while maintaining safety and security. The basis will be one or more use-case scenarios provided by Boliden, together with a simulation-based approach provided by MDH that allows assessment and monitoring of the safety of production environments including autonomous components such as (e.g.) self-driving haulers. This is achieved by having models of involved components and their interactions (a Digital Twin/DT) that in real-time are kept aligned with the real system, based on data collected from the real system. Safety is maintained by dynamic geofencing, i.e. logical safety distances/envelopes that ensure safe operation. The safety of the dynamic geofencing is continuously assessed (during pre-deployment as well during operation) by analysis of the DT. The results are expected to have broad applicability in the Process Industry, and also be of interest for use in other

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