Pain Out, WP decision support for pain relief



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Main objective of the proposed project is to develop and to validate a system for measurement and feedback of outcome quality in the field of postoperative pain. The system will provide the medical community with a unique, user-friendly device to improve treatment of patients in postoperative pain. This will be achieved by using a web-based information system, featuring three functions:

  • Feedback and benchmarking system which provides participating sites with continuously updating data and analyses regarding of quality of care they provide compared to other institutions and allows identification of ‘best clinical practice’.
  • Clinical Decision Support System for Post-Operative Pain, which responds to queries made by physicians for advice regarding treatment of individual patients.
  • A Knowledge Library will provide clinicians with easily accessible summaries of evidence-based recommendations tailored to specific clinical conditions Märardalen University is responsible for the decision support system assisting clinical.

Peter Funk, Professor

Room: U1-126
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