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Journal article (1)

A Bluetooth Radio Energy Consumption Model for Low Duty-Cycle Applications (Dec 2011)
Martin Ekström, Marcus Bergblomma, Maria Lindén, Mats Björkman, Mikael Ekström
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

Conference/Workshop Paper (5)

A wireless low latency control system for harsh environments (Dec 2012)
Marcus Bergblomma, Martin Ekström, Mats Björkman, Mikael Ekström, Christer Gerdtman, Maria Lindén
11th IFAC,IEEE International Conference on Programmable Devices and Embedded Systems (PDeS)

Trådlöst I/O i en tuff industrimiljö (Apr 2010)
Christer Gerdtman, Marcus Bergblomma
Scandinavian Electronic Event

Reliable Wireless ECG Sensor Network (Sep 2009)
Martin Ekström, Marcus Bergblomma

Wireless ECG network (Sep 2009)
Marcus Bergblomma, Martin Ekström, Mikael Ekström, Javier Garcia Castaño, Mats Björkman, Maria Lindén
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering - Information and Communication in Medicine, Telemedicine and e-Health

Bluetooth energy characteristics in wireless sensor networks (May 2008)
Martin Ekström, Marcus Bergblomma, Javier Garcia Castaño, Maria Lindén, Mikael Ekström
Wireless Pervasive Computing, 2008. ISWPC 2008. 3rd International Symposium on

Report - MRTC (1)

Design of Channel Measurement Guidelines for Characterization of Wireless Industrial Environments (Oct 2013)
Svetlana Girs, Marcus Bergblomma, Elisabeth Uhlemann, Barbara Štimac , Mats Björkman

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