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Journal article (9)

Deep-IDS: A Real-time Intrusion Detector for IoT Nodes using Deep Learning (May 2024)
Sandeepkumar Racherla , PRATHYUSHA SRIPATHI , Nuruzzaman Faruqui , Md Alamgir Kabir
Journal of IEEE Access (IEEE-Access)

Cross-Version Software Defect Prediction Considering Concept Drift and Chronological Splitting (Oct 2023)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Atiq Ur Rehman, M M Manjurul Islam , Nazakat Ali, Marcia L Baptista
Symmetry (Symmetry)

Trackez: An IoT-based 3D-Object Tracking from 2D Pixel Matrix using Mez and FSL Algorithm (Jun 2023)
Nuruzzaman Faruqui , Md Alamgir Kabir , Mohammad Abu Yousuf
Journal of IEEE Access (IEEE-Access)

Factors Impacting Short-Term Load Forecasting of Charging Station to Electric Vehicle (Dec 2022)
Md Fazla Elahe , Md Alamgir Kabir , S.M. Hasan Mahmud , Riasat Azim
Electronics (electronics)

CODE: A Moving Window-Based Framework for Detecting Concept Drift in Software Defect Prediction (Nov 2022)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Atiq Ur Rehman
Symmetry (Symmetry)

Inter-release defect prediction with feature selection using temporal chunk-based learning : An empirical study (Sep 2021)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Jacky Keung , Burak Turhan , Kwabena Ebo Bennin
Applied Soft Computing (ASC)

AComNN: Attention enhanced Compound Neural Network for financial time-series forecasting with cross-regional features (Jul 2021)
Zhen Yang , Jacky Keung , Md Alamgir Kabir , Xiao Yu , Yutian Tang , Miao Zhang , Shuo Feng
Applied Soft Computing (ASC)

COSTE: Complexity-based OverSampling TEchnique to alleviate the class imbalance problem in software defect prediction (Sep 2020)
Shuo Feng , Jacky Keung , Xiao Yu , Yan Xiao , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Md Alamgir Kabir , Miao Zhang
Information and Software Technology (IST)

Evaluating the effects of similar-class combination on class integration test order generation (Sep 2020)
Miao Zhang , Jacky Keung , Yan Xiao , Md Alamgir Kabir
Information and Software Technology (IST)

Conference/Workshop Paper (7)

Research Issues and Challenges in the Computational Development of Trustworthy AI (Aug 2024)
Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shaibal Barua, Md Alamgir Kabir , Abu Naser Masud
IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Engineering and Technology (IICAIET 2024)

Balancing Fairness: Unveiling the Potential of SMOTE-Driven Oversampling in AI Model Enhancement (May 2024)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Shahina Begum, Shaibal Barua, Md Rakibul Islam
International Conference on Machine Learning Technologies (ICMLT)

Enhancing Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (May 2024)
M M Manjurul Islam , Md Alamgir Kabir , Alamin Sheikh , Muhammad Saiduzzaman , Abdelakram Hafid, Saad Abdullah
International Conference on Machine Learning Technologies (ICMLT)

The effects of class rebalancing techniques on ensemble classifiers on credit card fraud detection: An empirical study (Dec 2023)
S.M. Hasan Mahmud , Md Alamgir Kabir

Spectrum Impact Analysis of Fault Proneness Statement for Improved Fault Localization (Aug 2022)
Md Alamgir Kabir , M M Manjurul Islam , S.M. Hasan Mahmud , Md Fazla Elahe

A drift propensity detection technique to improve the performance for cross-version software defect prediction (Jul 2020)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Jacky Keung , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Miao Zhang
44th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2020)

Assessing the Significant Impact of Concept Drift in Software Defect Prediction (Jul 2019)
Md Alamgir Kabir , Jacky Keung , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Miao Zhang
IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC 2019)

Article, review (2)

On the Use of Deep Learning for Video Classification (Feb 2023)
Atiq Ur Rehman, Samir Belhaouari , Md Alamgir Kabir , Adnan Khan
Applied Sciences (ApplSci)

Software Risk Prediction: Systematic Literature Review on Machine Learning Techniques (Nov 2022)
Mahmudul Hoque Mahmud , Md Tanzirul Haque Nayan , Dewan Md Nur Anjum Ashir , Md Alamgir Kabir
Applied Sciences (ApplSci)

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