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Journal article (6)

Factors Impacting Short-Term Load Forecasting of Charging Station to Electric Vehicle (Dec 2022)
Md Fazla Elahe , Kabir M Alamgir, S.M. Hasan Mahmud , Riasat Azim
Electronics (electronics)

CODE: A Moving Window-Based Framework for Detecting Concept Drift in Software Defect Prediction (Nov 2022)
Kabir M Alamgir, Shahina Begum, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Atiq Ur Rehman
Symmetry (Symmetry)

Inter-release defect prediction with feature selection using temporal chunk-based learning : An empirical study (Sep 2021)
Kabir M Alamgir, Jacky Keung , Burak Turhan , Kwabena Ebo Bennin
Applied Soft Computing (ASC)

AComNN: Attention enhanced Compound Neural Network for financial time-series forecasting with cross-regional features (Jul 2021)
Zhen Yang , Jacky Keung , Kabir M Alamgir, Xiao Yu , Yutian Tang , Miao Zhang , Shuo Feng
Applied Soft Computing (ASC)

COSTE: Complexity-based OverSampling TEchnique to alleviate the class imbalance problem in software defect prediction (Sep 2020)
Shuo Feng , Jacky Keung , Xiao Yu , Yan Xiao , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Kabir M Alamgir, Miao Zhang
Information and Software Technology (IST)

Evaluating the effects of similar-class combination on class integration test order generation (Sep 2020)
Miao Zhang , Jacky Keung , Yan Xiao , Kabir M Alamgir
Information and Software Technology (IST)

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

Spectrum Impact Analysis of Fault Proneness Statement for Improved Fault Localization (Aug 2022)
Kabir M Alamgir, M M Manjurul Islam , S.M. Hasan Mahmud , Md Fazla Elahe

A drift propensity detection technique to improve the performance for cross-version software defect prediction (Jul 2020)
Kabir M Alamgir, Jacky Keung , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Miao Zhang
44th Annual Computers, Software, and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2020)

Assessing the Significant Impact of Concept Drift in Software Defect Prediction (Jul 2019)
Kabir M Alamgir, Jacky Keung , Kwabena Ebo Bennin , Miao Zhang
IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC 2019)

Article, research overeview (1)

Trackez: An IoT-based 3D-Object Tracking from 2D Pixel Matrix using Mez and FSL Algorithm (Jun 2023)
Nuruzzaman Faruqui , Kabir M Alamgir, Mohammad Abu Yousuf
Journal of IEEE Access (IEEE-Access)

Article, review (2)

On the Use of Deep Learning for Video Classification (Feb 2023)
Atiq Ur Rehman, Samir Belhaouari , Kabir M Alamgir, Adnan Khan
Applied Sciences (ApplSci)

Software Risk Prediction: Systematic Literature Review on Machine Learning Techniques (Nov 2022)
Mahmudul Hoque Mahmud , Md Tanzirul Haque Nayan , Dewan Md Nur Anjum Ashir , Kabir M Alamgir
Applied Sciences (ApplSci)

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