Tijana Markovic, Postdoctoral research fellow

Tijana obtained her PhD degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Ogranizational Sciences, University of Belgrade (Serbia). Her doctoral dissertation "Software tool for investigating structural regression algorithms based on GCRF model" was defended in 2018. During her PhD studies, she was a visiting researcher at the Temple University (Philadelphia, USA), in the Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics, headed by professor Zoran Obradovic. 

Tijana Markovic (former Vujicic), is currently a postdoc in the Division of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE). Her main research interests are applied machine learning and artificial intelligence. During her PhD, Tijana was working on structured machine learning for social networks, and more concretely on Gaussian conditional random fields extensions for directed graphs. In the current project, she applies machine learning for intrusion detection and anomaly classification.

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