Sirisha Bai Govardhan Rao, Industrial Doctoral Student

Sirisha bai Govardhan Rao is an Industrial Ph.D. Student at Alstom, Västerås, Sweden. Sirisha has done Bachelors of Technology in India. She moved to Sweden in 2017. She has studied Master of Science in Computer Science at Mäladalen University in 2020. She worked at ABB and RemaSawco AB as intern during and after her studies. From January 2022, she started working at Alstom as Safety Specialist. Sirisha started her Doctoral studies from March, 2022 at MDU. Sirisha is interested in analysis of different argumentation languages and safety standards. She done her Master thesis related to Safety Critical systems, in which she compared and analyzed various graphical based argumentation languages.

The present research at Alstom focuses on analyzing the common cause failures (CCFs) of High-integrity Electro-dynamic braking of railway propulsion systems to re-evaluate the assumptions made in the industry. The aim is to study the CCF methodology adopted in the industry and investigate ways to reduce the probability of CCFs by examining the software/hardware dependency factors of control systems, which consecutively benefit the industry by reducing the safety requirements and associated costs.