PROMPT - Professional Master’s program in Software Engineering (step I)



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“Software is the soul of Swedish industry” is an expression of that software is a business-critical resource for large parts of Swedish industry and an important source of innovation and competitiveness. Through the PROMPT project, we intend to establish a national training initiative with the goal of ensuring the supply of software-related advanced skills and innovation to Swedish industry. The project's main objective is to develop a complete application for PROMPT step 2, which in addition to working for the planned initiative, also will include an inventory of the target groups' problem picture, identification of skills needs of small, medium and large enterprises, as well as a business intelligence and trend analysis. PROMPT is be an open initiative that welcomes the participation of other companies and institutions in addition to those already involved. A special focus will be on effective methods for flexible learning that allows participation rate independent of time and space. This will facilitate the participation also of corporate stakeholders.

Hans Hansson, Professor

Room: U1-063
Phone: +46 21 103163

Malin Rosqvist, Research project manager

Phone: +46 70 235 22 32