CTEDS, Cooperative Perimeter Protection with Heterogeneous Drone Swarms



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In this project, multiple heterogeneous drones forms a multi-agent network – with different sensing, processing and communication capabilities. More specifically, the drones cooperate by sharing information through a wireless network to create a common situational awareness picture and coordinate, in a distributed fashion, a blocking attack against identified threats. In this sense, the drones must autonomously navigate within the mapped surveillance scenario and cooperatively decide which is the best flight formation to block the tracked target. Note that the drone swarm shall continuously re-plan the blocking attack since the threat may try to avoid the blocking formation. Finally, edge network nodes – possibly, with ground radar sensors – will be considered to increase the overall network sensing, processing and communication capabilities.

Peter Funk, Professor

Room: U1-126
Phone: +46-21-103153

Ella Olsson, Researcher

Room: U1-126