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Journal article (1)

Temporal Skeletons for Verifying Time (Nov 2005)
Gustaf Naeser, Kristina Lundqvist, Lars Asplund
ACM SIGAda Letters

Conference/Workshop Paper (2)

Evaluation of Dealay queues for a Ravenscar Hardware KErnel (Mar 2006)
Gustaf Naeser, Kristina Lundqvist, Johan Furunäs-Åkesson
Workshop on Unique Chips and Systems UCAS-2

Component-based Approaches to Run-Time Kernel Specification and Verification (Jul 2005)
Gustaf Naeser, Kristina Lundqvist
17th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems ECRTS05

Report - MRTC (3)

Transforming Temporal Skeletons to Timed Automata (Aug 2005)
Gustaf Naeser

A Real-Time Kernel for Ravenscar (Aug 2005)
Gustaf Naeser

Evaluation of Delay Queues for a Ravenscar Hardware Kernel (Apr 2005)
Gustaf Naeser, Johan Furunäs-Åkesson

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