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Journal article (1)

An interactive distance solution for stroke rehabilitation in the home setting (Dec 2016)
Susanne Palmcrantz , Jörgen Borg , Disa Sommerfeld , Jeanette Plantin , Annelie Nilsson , Maria Ehn, Marie Sjölinder , Inga-Lill Boman
Informatics for Health and Social Care (Inf Health S C)

Conference/Workshop Paper (3)

Users perspectives on interactive distance technology enabling home-based motor training for stroke patients (Jun 2015)
Maria Ehn, Pär Hansson, Marie Sjölinder , Inga-Lill Boman , Mia Folke, Disa Sommerfeld , Jörgen Borg
12th International Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for Personalized Health (pHealth 2015)

A Multi-disciplinary Approach in the Development of a Stroke Rehabilitation Tool (Jun 2014)
Marie Sjölinder , Maria Ehn, Inga-Lill Boman , Mia Folke, Pär Hansson, Disa Sommerfeld , Stina Nylander, Jörgen Borg
Human-Computer Interactions International 2014 (CHI Intl 2014)

Users’ and health-care professionals’ contributions in developing a home-based stroke rehabilitation tool (Apr 2014)
Inga-Lill Boman , Maria Ehn, Marie Sjölinder , Mia Folke, Pär Hansson, Disa Sommerfeld , Jörgen Borg
8th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation (WCNR2014)

Article, review (1)

Ny teknik öppnar nya vägar inom neurorehabilitering (Jan 2014) (Jan 2014)
Jeanette Plantin , Annelie Nilsson , Påvel Lindberg , Katarina Skough-Vreede , Inga-Lill Boman , Disa Sommerfeld , Maria Ehn, Jörgen Borg
Neurologi i Sverige (Neurol Sv)

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