José-Fernán Martínez-Ortega (not working at IDT anymore)

Professor José-Fernán Martínez received his Ph.D. degree in Telematic Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) Spain in 2001. UPM is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university and one of the European top quality academic establishment, has a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation. Dr. Martínez is Professor at DIATEL (Department of Engineering and Telematic Architectures) of the same University, participating and directing several competitive research national and European projects. He is graduated in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at 1993 where he started R&D tasks. Since 1993 to 1996, he works as technical responsible in research projects at National Telecommunications Company (TELECOM) and he was technical manager in his own Company S&H S.L. His main interest areas and expertise are ubiquitous computing and Internet of things; smart cities, new advanced services for wireless sensor & actuators networks (WSAN); next-generation telematic network and services for internet new generation; service management, advanced telecom services, advanced software architectures, component-based distributed applications and intermediation platforms (middleware); and high performance and fault tolerant for resilient systems. He has authored several national and international publications included in the Science Citation Index in his interest areas, and he is technical reviser and chair of technical national and international events on Telematics, as well as member of different international and scientific committees. He has participated on several International and European Projects, as a responsible, such as: AFarCloud, SWARMs, ACCUS, I3RES, e-GOTHAM, DEMANES, WoW, uSWN, SODA, ESNA, DiYSE, LIFEWEAR, PERISEC, PROPSI, EXHAUSTIF, CLARA, ENISA, COMDIST, SMART, MATES, VITAL, SCARAB, MAIN-E, ALICE, and so on. Actually, he is responsible for different Spanish and European public-funded research projects and also research contracts with different IT companies.

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