Per Erik Strandberg, Industrial Doctoral Student

Per is from Västerås and worked for more than a decade with software development, software testing, test leading and test automation in the domains of embedded, rail, nuclear, web and mathematics software, before starting as an industrial doctoral student in 2017.

He received a master's degree (Fil. Mag.) in applied mathematics from Linköping University 2004, and another master's degree (Civ. Ing.) in bioinformatics in 2005, also from Linköping University.

When Per worked as a consultant he led a competence network in software testing for five years. At this time he received a number of industrial certifications, as a tester and as a requirements professional:

  • ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing (2012).
  • REQB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering, Foundation (2013)
  • ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Manager (2014).
  • ISTQB Foundation Level, Agile Tester Extension (2015).


YouTube video where I present Intermittently Failing Tests in the Embedded Systems Domain

YouTube video where I present Ethical AI-Powered Regression Test Selection

YouTube video where I present Ethical Interviews in Software Engineering

YouTube video where I present Information Flow In Software Testing

YouTube video on Software Quality Assurance at Westermo (featuring me and my colleague Petra)

More about Westermo

Per is an industrial doctoral student in the Software Testing Laboratory from Westermo Research and Development AB. His research focus is on system-level software test automation of embedded systems.

Testing embedded systems at a system level is a complex process and there is a need for test selection, considering hardware coverage, as well as test results communication, test results exploration and test results visualizations.