Soheila Sheikh Bahaei, Doctoral student

I studied PhD at Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden. I got my bachelor degree in Information Technology Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in Iran, and I worked as a student teaching assistant on computer programming courses. I received my Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on Contextual Image Processing from Kharazmi University of Tehran. After graduation, I worked as a software developer in a company in Iran and we developed an android program with the aim of increasing children's creativity. 

My PhD research was related to the topic dependability analysis of image-centric socio-technical systems as part of ImmerSAFE Project. I have defended my licentiate on September 2020 with the title "A Framework for Risk Assessment in AR-equipped Socio-technical Systems" and I have defended my PhD on March 2023 with the title "Organizational Changes-aware Safety-centered Risk Assessment in Augmented Reality-equipped Socio-technical Systems". My main supervisor was Barbara Gallina