Markus Nilsson (not working at IDT anymore)

Markus Nilsson defended his Ph.D. August 16 2005. His area of research is in artificial intelligence, focusing on medical systems. Markus was funded by KKS and StressMedicine AB.
Markus research involves decision support systems, mainly classifying biomedical signals with artificial intelligence methods, e.g. Case-Based Reasoning. The research is applied to psychopsychological medicine and the treatment of stress-related dysfunctions.

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Latest publications:

Knowledge Discovery and Case Based Reasoning in Medical Applications with Time Series (Dec 2005)
Peter Funk, Markus Nilsson, Ning Xiong
In Workshop proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning

Clinical decision-support for diagnosing stress-related disorders by applying psychophysiological medical knowledge to an instance-based learning system (Nov 2005)
Markus Nilsson, Peter Funk, Erik M. G. Olsson , Bo von Schéele, Ning Xiong
Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Detecting breaths in capnography time series (Aug 2005)
Markus Nilsson, Mattias Karlsson , Andreas Selenwall , Peter Funk
Workshop proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Case Based Reasoning

Retrieve and Classify (Aug 2005)
Markus Nilsson

Retrieving Short and Dynamic Biomedical Sequences (May 2005)
Markus Nilsson
Proceedings of the 18th International FLAIRS Conference, Special Track on Case-Based Reasoning

Clinical decision support by time series classification using wavelets (May 2005)
Markus Nilsson, Peter Funk, Ning Xiong
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS05)