CONTESSE - Contract-Based Components for Embedded Software



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Embedded systems make the vast majority of computer systems today. The complexity of software in these systems is growing exponentially. Sound approaches to manage complexity is to use component-based and model-based approach. The aim of the project is to advance state of the art in component- and model-based software development for embedded systems by improving prerequisites for efficient reuse of components. This will be done by introduction of component contracts that define the conditions required by components and provided output. In the existing approaches component contracts specify functional pre- and postconditions of components. Contesse will mange contracts that also include non-functional properties. This will be done through providing formal specification of components contracts, mechanisms for instantiation and verification of the contracts in differentcontexts, then developing a reasoning framework for contract compositions, providing input to the contract specification from components code analysis, and system level analysis based on contracts that ensure system characteristics required. The work will be based on the previous results of the project members: formal analysis and verification, priced timed automata and modelling embedded resources, component models developed, execution time and other resources estimation based on static analysis, compositions of non-functional properties, and building run-time mechanisms to ensure the system quality.

Ivica Crnkovic, Professor

Room: U1-070
Phone: +46-21-103183