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Journal article (1)

Experiences and Challenges from Developing Cyber-Physical Systems in Industry-Academia Collaboration (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Romina Eramo , Vittoriano Muttillo , Per Erik Strandberg
Wiley, Software: Practice and Experience (SPE)

Conference/Workshop Paper (13)

A Road-Map for Transferring Software Engineering methods for Model-Based Early V&V of Behaviour to Systems Engineering (Jul 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Antonio Cicchetti
2030 Software Engineering (TOSEM2030)

Early Validation of SysML Architectures by Extending MBSE with Co-Simulation using FMI and SSP (Jul 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Daniel Krems
INCOSE IS 2024 (IS24)

Towards Automating Model-Based Systems Engineering in Industry - An Experience Report (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Luca Berardinelli , Damir Bilic, Hugo Bruneliere , Antonio Cicchetti, MohammedHadi Dehghani , Claudio Di Sipio , James Miranda , Abbas Rahimi , Riccardo Rubei
The 18th Annual International Systems Conference (SysCon24)

Correlating Logical and Physical Models for Early Performance Validation - An Experience Report (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Marcel Gottschall , Jagadish Suryadevara, Khaled Alekeish
The 18th Annual International Systems Conference (SysCon24)

Towards Adopting a Digital Twin Framework (ISO 23247) for Battery Systems (Apr 2024)
Johan Cederbladh, Enxhi Ferko, Emil Lundin
ITNG 2024: Conference on Information Technology : New Generations (ITNG 2024)

Towards Formalizing a Systems of Systems Core Ontology for Capability Configuration, a SysML Approach (Mar 2024)
Joyce Martin, Johan Cederbladh
Conference on Systems Engineering Research 2024 (CSER24)

Light-Weight MBSE Approach for Construction Equipment Domain - An Experience Report (Dec 2023)
Johan Cederbladh, Jagadish Suryadevara
30th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC2023)

Towards a Unified Architecture Methodology for Product Service Systems (Oct 2023)
Johan Cederbladh, Jagadish Suryadevara
Asia Oceanic Systems Engineering Conference (AOSEC)

Symbolic Reasoning for Early Decision-Making in Model-Based Systems Engineering (Oct 2023)
Johan Cederbladh, Loek Cleophas , Eduard Kamburjan , Lucas Lima , Hans Vangheluwe
ACM/IEEE 26th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 23)

Barriers for Adopting FMI-based Co-Simulation in Industrial MBSE Processes (Oct 2023)
Johan Cederbladh, Anna Reale , Andreas Bergsten , Richard Mikelöv , Antonio Cicchetti

Towards continuous modelling to enable DevOps: a preliminary study with practitioners (Oct 2022)
Johan Cederbladh, Antonio Cicchetti
DevOps@Models 2022 (DevOps)

Industrial Requirements for Supporting AI-Enhanced Model-Driven Engineering (Oct 2022)
Johan Cederbladh, Per Erik Strandberg
Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Model-driven Engineering (MDE Intelligence)

Early validation of heterogeneous battery systems in the railway domain (May 2022)
Johan Cederbladh, Antonio Cicchetti, Emil Lundin
The 16th IEEE Systems Conference 2022 (Syscon 2022)

Article, review (1)

Early Validation and Verification of System Behaviour in Model-Based Systems Engineering: A Systematic Literature Review (Nov 2023)
Johan Cederbladh, Antonio Cicchetti, Jagadish Suryadevara
ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM)

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