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AMASS blog: Best paper award at QUATIC 2018 Sep 2018
AMASS blog: Evaluated as remarkable in the second review Jun 2018
AMASS newsletter #4 Jun 2018
AMASS blog: BVR tool in AMASS May 2018
SAFECOMP 2018 workshops announced Mar 2018
AMASS blog: AMASS Tool prototype P1 Mar 2018
AMASS blog: 2nd version of the AMASS tool Dec 2017
AMASS blog: Third semester of AMASS Nov 2017
AMASS presence at SAFECOMP 2017 Oct 2017
AMASS blog: The 4th General Meeting Oct 2017
AMASS blog: SASSUR workshop successfully held Sep 2017
AMASS Newsletter 2.0 May 2017
3rd AMASS General Meeting Apr 2017
The AMASS baseline deliverables published Nov 2016
The first six months of AMASS Oct 2016
AMASS organised SASSUR 2016 Sep 2016
AMASS-The work on the European-wide open platform and community for assurance and certification of CPS has started! Apr 2016