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Doctoral Thesis (1)

From Models to Code and Back: A Round-trip Approach for Model-driven Engineering of Embedded Systems (Jan 2014)
Federico Ciccozzi

Conference/Workshop Paper (5)

SafeConcert: a Metamodel for a Concerted Safety Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems (Sep 2017)
Leonardo Montecchi , Barbara Gallina
5th International Symposium on Model-Based Safety and Assessment (IMBSA-2017)

Towards Cloud-Based Enactment of Safety-Related Processes (Sep 2016)
Sami Alajrami , Barbara Gallina, Irfan Sljivo, Alexander Romanovsky , Petter Isberg
35th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (SafeComp2016)

Towards Safety Risk Assessment of Socio-technical Systems via Failure Logic Analysis (Nov 2014)
Barbara Gallina, Edin Sefer, Atle Refsdal
2nd International Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk-driven Testing (RISK 2014)

Towards an Approach for Orchestrating Design Space Exploration Problems to Fix Multi-Paradigm Inconsistencies (Sep 2014)
Sebastian J. I. Herzig , Benjamin Kruse , Federico Ciccozzi, Joachim Denil , Rick Salay , Dániel Varró
International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling (MPM 2014)

Model-driven Deployment Optimization for Multicore Embedded Real-time Systems: the OptimAll Approach (Jul 2014)
Federico Ciccozzi, Juraj Feljan
5th International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time Systems (WATERS 2014)

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