Irfan Sljivo (not working at IDT anymore)

Irfan has moved to NASA Ames Research Centre in 2019. His new contact email is

Irfan got his bachelor degree in Computer Science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2011 he graduated as M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence from University of Sarajevo. After graduation he has started his PhD studies at Mälardalen University in 2012. In 2015 he defended his Licentiate thesis at Mälardalen University with the title "Facilitating Reuse of Safety Case Artefacts Using Safety Contracts". In 2018 he defended his PhD thesis at Mälardalen University titled "Assurance Aware Contract-based Design for Safety-critical Systems". 

Irfan participated in teaching within the following courses at Mälardalen University:

  • Advanced Component-Based Software Engineering (2013/2014): Laboratory work and report assignments;
  • Safety-Critical Systems, Mälardalen University, (each year from 2014-2019): Responsible for the project part of the course and one part of the teaching. In particular, in charge of the development of the course project, which includes system definition, creation and grading of the student assignments. A new project is developed each year in cooperation with our industrial partners. Furthermore, responsible for the hazard analyses lectures.

Irfan acted as reviewer in the following conferences and journals:

  • HASE – International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering
  • RESS – Reliability Engineering & System Safety Journal
  • ISJ - IEEE Systems Journal
  • SASSUR – International Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems
  • SEAA – Software Engineering and Advanced Applications


He also acts as a pc committee member in SASSUR – International Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems

Irfan participated in organisation of the following conferences/workshops:

  • ASE 2014: The 29th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering. Held in Västerås, Sweden [Local support]
  • COMPSAC 2015: The 39th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications Conference. Held in Västerås, Sweden. [Local support]
  • IWA 2015: The Water & Industry conference. Held in Västerås, Sweden. [Web chair
  • SAFECOMP2018: The 37th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability, & Security. Held in Västerås, Sweden [Local and Web Chair]
  • ASSURE 2019: The 7th International Workshop on Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems [Co-Chair]

My PhD research focused on developing a notion of safety contracts and related reasoning that supports the reuse of software components in and across safety- critical systems. Most of the safety-critical systems need to be certified according to a domain-specific standard (e.g., ISO26262 for automotive, DO178C for avionics etc.). One part of the certification is a safety case in form of an explained and well-founded structured argument showing that the system is acceptably safe to operate. Since certification is becoming more expensive and time-consuming, we aim at supporting reuse of certification related information together with components by using the contract reasoning

Currently, I am doing research in safety-critical systems assurance in several European and National research projects.

My research interests include:
• Safety-relevant embedded systems
• Component-based software engineering for embedded systems
• Contract-based approaches for embedded systems
• Safety assurance
• Artificial Intelligence 
• Autonomous systems.