Tommy Henriksson, Researcher (not working at IDT anymore)

Tommy Gunnarsson was born in Hallsberg, Sweden in 1978. He received the M.Sc EE degree from Mälardalen University, in 2003. The next year, 2004, he joined the Dep. of Computer Science and Electronics as a Ph.D student in the field of microwave imaging in biomedical applications. He followed a Swedish-French convention for joint supervision with Universitié Paris-Sud 11, from Dec. 2006. He received his LICENTIATE OF ENGINEERING degree in Electronics, April 2007, with the thesis entitled "Microwave Imaging of Biological Tissues: Applied Toward Breast Tumor Detection". He received a French-Swedish Ph.D. degree in Physics and Electronics respectively, June 2009, with the dissertation entitled "Contribution to Quantitative Microwave Imaging Techniques for Biomedical Applications". His research interests include Microwave Imaging in terms of algorithm formalisation, calibration and physical modelling.

The main research area is Microwave Imaging, including, development and evaluation of microwave imaging systems for biomedical or industrial purposes, development of imaging algorithms, physical modelling and calibration.

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Latest publications:

Antenna Modeling Issues in Quantitative Image Reconstruction Using a Flexible Microwave Tomography System (Jul 2010)
Nikola Petrovic, Tommy Henriksson, Magnus Otterskog
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 2010 Cambridge

Contribution to Quantitative Microwave Imaging Techniques for Biomedical Application (Jun 2009)
Tommy Henriksson

Robot Controlled Data Acquisition System for Microwave Imaging (Mar 2009)
Nikola Petrovic, Tommy Henriksson, Nadine Joachimowicz , Magnus Otterskog
3rd European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

Quantitative Microwave Breast Phantom Imaging Using a Planar 2.45 GHz System (Aug 2008)
Tommy Henriksson, Nadine Joachimowicz , Alain Joisel , Cristophe Conessa , Antonie Diet , Jean-Charles Bolomey
XXIX General Assembly of URSI

Quantitative Imaging Using a 2.45 GHz Planar Camera (Sep 2007)
Tommy Henriksson, Nadine Joachimowicz , Antonie Diet , Cristophe Conessa , Denny Åberg, Jean-Charles Bolomey
5th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Tommy Henriksson, Nadine Joachimowicz , Alain Joisel , Jean-Charles Bolomey
International Conference on Electromagnetic Near-Field Characterization and Imaging (ICONIC)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Studie och design av fantom för mikrovågsdiagnostik finished