Lennart Lindh (not working at IDT anymore)

Lennart Lindh graduated from Lund Technical University 1980 with the MSc degree in Electrical Engineering. After five years at ABB Robotics, Västerås, as a system engineer, he was appointed a senior lecturer at Mälardalen University, Västerås in 1985, teaching courses in Hardware Design as VHDL, Design Methodology and Real-time systems. He was awarded the degree of Ph.D. by the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (KTH) in 1994 and have been director of the Department of Computer Engineering of Mälardalen University. His major research interests are in the implementation of real-time kernel accelerators in ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) or FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and in the architectures of flexible multi-processor systems. He is today responsible for the guidance of six Ph.D. candidates and for an industrial research project sponsored by ABB, Ericsson, MIRATEK, University and the KK Foundation.

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Filip Sebek (former)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
JPEG picture decoding available
FPGA-based algorithms for MIMO measurement and control selected
Operativsystems accelerator modulerat i SystemC selected
Autosar reference implementation in progress
Benchmark mellan två olika FPGA CPUer in progress
Dynamic Power Management in progress
Prestanda för Linux systemanrop och tjänster in progress
Strömsnål FPGA-konstruktion in progress
System Design med system C in progress
A look at Execution Time Analysis and Measuring Interrupt Latency finished
Adjustment and analysis of new storage system in dynamic enviromnents finished
Analysis of the Hardware Design Space in Embedded Systems finished
Att Skriva Effektiv C-kod till en real-tids kärn finished
Benchmarking of memory allocation. Hardware vs. software finished
Datainsamlingskort för anslutning till USB finished
Design and Benchmarking of Real-Time Multiprocessor Operating System Kernels finished
Device information viewer and indicator for remote support finished
Energy modeling of Portable Embedded Systems finished
Evaluation of Real-Time Operating Systems for Xilinx MicroBlaze CPU finished
FPGA-based Hardware Numerical Engine finished
HW/SW Co-design of embedded systems within Alteras design environment finished
Implementation of a Simple Object Broker for Distributed Real-Time Systems finished
Implementation of a terrain navigation correlator for an underwater vehicle in a FPGA finished
Improved RPH communication capacity finished
Internet i inbyggda system finished
Internet till små Inbyggda Enkapsel System. finished
IP Interconnection - att bygga system med komponenter - finished
JAM in Multi-X finished
Jämförelse mellan Realtids Operativ system i hårdvara och mjukvara (SYMO) finished
Konstruktion av sexbent autonom robot finished
Kryptering i Realtid finished
Memoryhandler in SOC/PCB finished
Monitoring av systemlast finished
Operating Systems for Symmetric Multiprocessors finished
Portering av övervakningsverktyget SocEye till Eclipse finished
Prestanda Optimering av ett Avancerat System i en FPGA finished
Protection of digital designs from illegal copying finished
Ray Tracing on a FPGA finished
Real-Time systems and Real-Time systems and functional test of hardware OS accelerator finished
RealWebCares finished
SARA - Linux finished
Små och Enkla Operativsystem finished
SoCrates - A Scalable Multiprocessor System On Chip finished
Survey of Device Driver Management in Real-Time Operating Systems finished
Synthesis of the DC link voltage by means of GDU collector-emitter measurement. finished
TCP/IP Stack, Construktion and Analysis finished
The Analysis of Two Systematic Encoding Algorithm in Hardware finished
The Analysis of Two Systematic Encoding Algorithm in Hardware finished
Trådlös överföring mellan enkla noder finished
UDP for embedded FPGA systems finished
Ultrasnabb realtidsaccelerator till uCOS. finished
USB anslutet I/O kort till PC datorn finished
USB drivare i VHDL för inbyggda system finished
Using laser as a tool for dimensional measurements of nuclear fuel finished
Utveckling av system med CPU-kärnor i FPGA-kretsar. finished
Verifiering av VHDL Kod finished
Verktygsmiljö för Händelsebaserad Övervakning av Multiprocessorsystem finished