Rafia Inam (not working at IDT anymore)

I did my Masters in Networks and Distributed Systems from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

I joined Mälardalens in Sep 2009 as Ph.D. student.

In Masters thesis, I worked on Multicore environment. I implemented A* algorithm on Nvidias Graphics Card.

In Ph.D. studies I work on hierarchical scheduling for real-time embedded systems. Main focus is on Predictable execution of real-time systems for unicore and multicore platforms.

I am the author/developer of the Multi-Resource server  that provides composable hierarchical scheduling on multi-core platforms. We extend traditional server-resources by associating a memory-bandwidth to each server; thus a multi-resource server has both CPU-bandwidth and memory bandwidth allocated to it. The multi-resource servers are useful to provide partitioning, composability and predictability in both hard and soft real-time systems.

I have also developed a Hierarchical Scheduling Framework for FreeRTOS operating system.