Taufik Akbar Sitompul, Industrial Doctoral Student (not working at IDT anymore)

Taufik was an industrial doctoral student, who was employed at CrossControl AB. His doctoral research investigated the use of transparent displays, which could be used as an alternative to head-down displays, for presenting supportive information in heavy machinery. This approach would enable supportive information to be presented closer to operators’ line of sight without blocking their view. Therefore, operators would be able to perceive supportive information more easily, which would eventually help them to work more safely.

Taufik received his bachelor's degree in multimedia studies from the National University of Malaysia and his master's degree in service design and engineering from both Aalto University, Finland and University of Trento, Italy. He started his doctoral studies at Mälardalen University in May 2018 and successfully defended his dissertation in January 2022.

Taufik has co-supervised the following theses:

Simon Roysson. Evaluating the Lifting Capacity in a Mobile Crane Simulation. Bachelor's Thesis, 2020.
Viking Forsman. Measuring Situation Awareness in Mixed Reality Simulations. Bachelor's Thesis, 2019.

Taufik has also been involved in the following courses:

DVA451 - User Experience Design and Usability (autumn 2020) as a course assistant.
DVA313 - Software Engineering 2: Project Teamwork (autumn 2019) as a project supervisor.