Malina Adach, Doctoral student

Malina Adach is a doctoral student at the Division of Software Engineering at IDT-Mälardalen University.

She completed her MSc. Eng in Computer Science from the University of Computer Sciences and Skills Lodz, Poland, in 2017. Additionally, she has a specialization in Database Administration (DBA). She has a two-year Master's in Russian Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, in 2018. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Kielce University of Technology, Poland, in 2015. She received her bachelor's degree in Russian-English Philology from Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw, Poland, in 2010.

Malina's research is performed in cooperation with the following companies: Volvo Construction Equipment, Arcticus Systems, and Alten.

Malina was a course assistant in the following courses:
DVA113 "Introduktion till datorer och programvaruutveckling".

She is member of IEEE and ACM.


Recent experiences:



Her research area primarily focuses on developing, comparing, and applying ontologies within the safety and security domains, particularly in complex systems such as systems of systems (SoSs). It aims to integrate and align heterogeneous knowledge from various sources using standardized ontologies to enhance safety analysis (including hazard identification and risk assessment). It also emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of safety and security knowledge, drawing from various fields to provide a comprehensive understanding.

Key aspects of her research include 1) systematic literature reviews and standard compliance, 2) challenges in ontology alignment, 3) comparison and standardization of ontologies, and 4) ontology development and application in systems of systems. Her research significantly contributes to enhancing understanding and methodologies around the use of ontologies in managing and mitigating hazards and threats in complex systems, with a dual focus on safety and security aspects.


She is involved in the following projects: SERENDIPITY (Secure and dependable platforms for autonomy)

DPAC (Dependable Platforms for Autonomous Systems and Control)

MoDEV (Model-Based DevOps for Cyber-Physical System Product Lines) 

iSecure (Developing Predictable and Secure IoT for Autonomous Systems)

ORPHEUS (Systematic and reliable theory for model compilation).

Licentiate thesis: Hazard analysis method for cyber-physical system-of-systems.