Ricky Stanley D Cruze (not working at IDT anymore)


Master of Science in IT Management
School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology
Mälardalens University(www.mdh.se), Västerås, Sweden

I am passionate about doing design and implementation of digital solutions for different
industries. Digital innovation; using data analytics in the Cloud, Machine Learning, and AI,
makes me more enthusiastic and engaging.
I have over 19 years of experience in the area of ICT, business and communications
technology in the local and international organization. I also have knowledge and
experience in the development and operation of Business Intelligence systems, Data
mining, Machine learning model development and deployment and Cloud computing
applications using Azure and AWS.

I was Involved with ABB corporate research in doing research and prototyping of
digital solution (IoT/ML) using Azure Cloud and Machine Learning for Swedish process

Design and architecting machine learning pipeline using AWS and Azure Cloud, Machine
learning toolboxes(R, jupyter notebook, Azure ML Studio, Knime; Orange 3 etc), Web
application development using Joomla.

Other skills:
Customer requirements gathering, negotiation, training, support; good team player;
ability to listen, learn and lead; people skills; Sales and marketing;

I love take initiative to serve better, with having great entrepreneurial skills, quick
learning ability, quick adaptation ability in a team or environment, service minded
mentality with positive mental attitude and a great sense of humour. I focus on long-term

Having the most interest of working as: Cloud Computing evangelist, Digitalization
specialist, Data analytics and machine learning engineer and it’s research.