Liza Stephanie Johansson, Doctoral student

Liza accomplished her MSc in Dependable Aerospace Systems in 2023 in collaboration between MDU and the Swedish space company Unibap AB. As a result of her master's thesis, she presented and published a paper at ESA's first European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference – EDHPC 2023. In general, she is passionate about space systems and interested in studying novel heterogeneous computing platforms for applications related to space missions and other mission-critical and/or safety-critical domains.

In her doctoral research that started in Spring 2024, she is involved in the project: Hipereal (High-performance real-time computing).

Teaching activities:

  • Labs 
    • (DVA247) Databases - 2024

Special focus on fault-tolerant systems - interested in optimizing the dependability of real-time multicore heterogeneous computing platforms for safety-critical systems. Key components are ensuring predictability, high performance, and above all, a means to certification.