Annita Persson-Dahlqvist (not working at IDT anymore)

Annita Persson Dahlqvist is a nominated specialist in configuration management, software configuration management, and product data management for more than five years within Ericsson AB. She is the manager for the CM Managers group. She is also responsible for training, starting up new projects, process development, and supporting the organization regarding configuration management, and product data management issues. Annita Persson Dahlqvist interest is in configuration management (especially in software configuration management), product data management, and how to automate processes and interoperability between tools for these activities. Annita Persson Dahlqvist earned her B.Sc in computer science from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden 1985. She has been working for Ericsson AB since 1985, where she started as a software designer. Later on she worked as subsystem designer, project manager for software and quality projects, CM Manager, and team manager for CM Managers. She has also worked half time for the Ericsson Group regarding software configuration management, configuration management, and product data management.