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An embedded system is a special-purpose computer that performs a few dedicated functions, usually with very specific requirements. Examples include portable devices such as cell phones or MP3 players, flight control systems, car engine controllers, home appliances, medical equipment, TV sets, video game consolers and many more. These systems are getting more and more intelligent to meet the specific needs of their users. One example is intelligent cruise control in a vehicle, which avoid accidents by automatically breaking the car in case of obstacles in front of it.

Embedded systems is Mälardalen University`s most research-intensive area. This master program relies on a strong research base in the field, provided by Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC) and Intelligent Sensor Systems (ISS) centre, both hosted at our school. MRTC is a nationally leading research center for embedded systems, mainly focused on embedded software. The goal is to provide research excellence that will enable the industry to seize the opportunities offered by programmable products and production. ISS is a unit which conducts research in the fields of artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, robotics and wireless communications. The focus is on mobile, intelligent sensor systems that will lead to improved safety and efficiency in business and healthcare.

All teachers in this master program are researchers at MRTC and ISS, with deep ties to the industry. Research results are continuously being transferred in education. Most of the advanced level courses offered to master students in their second year cover state-of-the art research technique in intelligent embedded systems, and they are taken jointly with the PhD students of the department.

Master program in Intelligent Embedded Systems has eight industrial partners and additional five associated companies, all of them involved in the education through industrial projects for students, mentorship and guest lectures. Our industrial partners assure the quality and industrial relevance of the program.

All course units contain both theory and practice. The main pedagogical idea that we apply is Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which means that large part of the program is performed in project form. The projects are supplied by our industrial partners, and are solved in collaboration with them.

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