Lars Asplund, Professor Emeritus (not working at IDT anymore)

Lars Asplund is Professor in Computer Science at Mälardalen University since 2001. He received his PhD in Physics in 1977 from Uppsala University. After five years at the Swedish National Institue for Building Research Lars returned to Uppsala University 1982. First at the Department of Physics, where docent competence was received. Later moved to Department of Computer Systems (DoCS). At DoCS both as researcher and head of department. Lars has written ten text books, and the latest will appear fall 2011, in robotics. Industrial experiences are Navatron, that was sold to Silva, Asplund Data AB and the creation of Robyn Robotics. Asplund holds four patents. Lars Asplunds current research include vision sensors for robots - underwater, running or soccer playing...

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Latest publications:

GIMME2 - an embedded system for stereo vision and processing of megapixel images with FPGA-acceleration (Dec 2015)
Carl Ahlberg, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström, Giacomo Spampinato , Lars Asplund
2015 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig'15)

Introducing Radiation Tolerant Heterogeneous Computers for Small Satellites (Mar 2015)
Fredrik Bruhn, Kjell Brunberg , John Hines , Lars Asplund, Magnus Norgren
IEEE Aerospace Conference 2015 (IEEEAC2015)

Scheduling POP-Star for Automatic Creation of Robot Cell Programs (Sep 2013)
Batu Akan, Baran Çürüklü, Lars Asplund
18th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation (ETFA'13)

The Black Pearl: An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (Jun 2013)
Carl Ahlberg, Lars Asplund, Gabriel Campeanu, Federico Ciccozzi, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström, Juraj Feljan, Andreas Gustavsson, Séverine Sentilles, Ivan Svogor, Emil Segerblad

An Embedded Stereo Vision Module For Industrial Vehicles Automation (Feb 2013)
Giacomo Spampinato , Jörgen Lidholm, Carl Ahlberg, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström, Lars Asplund
Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT 2013)

Utilization and Performance Considerations in Resource Optimized Stereo Matching for Real-Time Reconfigurable Hardware (Feb 2012)
Fredrik Ekstrand, Carl Ahlberg, Mikael Ekström, Lars Asplund, Giacomo Spampinato
VISAPP 2012 - International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications

PhD students supervised as main supervisor:

Batu Akan (former)
Fredrik Ekstrand (former)
Gustaf Naeser (former)
Johan Furunäs-Åkesson (former)
Jörgen Lidholm (former)
Karl Ingström (former)
Susanna Nordström (former)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Advanced communication interface between ARMG and TOS
Dasher the running Robot
Effektmätare – en apparat för mätning av momentant effektuttag i hushåll
Map building and gearshift strategy optimization for Volvo haulers
Personskydd vid skjutbana
Pressverktyg f�r radioatorh�llare
Reinforcement Learning in Keepaway Framework for RoboCup Simulation League
The Interface communicate to DC motor control
Automatic Color Calibration in SoC Vision available
Dead reckoning and localization for underwater robots available
Design of a speed controller for electric motors available
Design of a wearable sensor system for 3D motion capture and stress assessment of upper limbs available
Implementering av de generella metoderna i VHDL för Hidden-Markov-Chains. available
Simulation of adaptive locomotion patterns for the running robot Dasher available
Simulation of dynamic obstacle avoidance for autonomous vehicles using binocular vision and optical flow available
Simulation of locomotion patterns for the hybrid four-legged robot Roony in unstructured terrain available
Sug-och-blåsstyrd paramotor trike available
Under water sonar available
App- programming on different platforms in embeeded systems selected
Embedded system platform for closed loop control of 1:10 scale construction equipment selected
Autonomous Hauler Loading in progress
Computer game with Senseboard in progress
Design and implementation of an IMU device for robotics and multimedia in progress
Design of a control platform for the articulated robot Roony in progress
Face 3-D Model Extraction Through Stereo Vision in progress
Fuel Optimization for ships with controllable pitch propeller (CPP) in progress
Modernisering av D-Jetronic in progress
Modifiering av svarv/fräs för robotstyrning in progress
Upgrade of PV Lab and Implementation of AutomaticMeasurement System in progress
3-Axis MEMS accelerometer used to detect falls in elderly people finished
3D Wireless inertial tracking & capture motion of industrial Robot with IMU finished
A Keyword Based Interactive Speech Recognition System for Embedded Applications finished
A simulation environment for automatic night driving and visual control finished
A wishbone compatible SD card controller for embedded usage finished
Actuator control using pre-calibrated force data on a quadrocopter finished
An Advanced High-Temperature Measurement Technology by the Optical Fiber Thermometer finished
An Approach to Efficient Object Searching for Mobile Robots finished
An Efficient Strategy for Object Finding finished
Automatisering av en svetsprocess finished
Automatisering av kalibreingstjänst för elkvalitet instrument finished
Autonomous Machine finished
Biometri för verifiering av identitet finished
Blind sensor for soccer playing robots finished
Calibration and accuracy analysis for a laser triangulation system finished
ChipVision Command Center finished
Compensation for eccentrical and non round rolls and coils in cold rolling mill finished
Dansande Robotar finished
Design and implementation of controller for robotic manipulators using Artificial Neural Networks finished
Design of Controller board for a Lunar Rover finished
Development of a collision avoidance system for a videoconferencing robot finished
Development of a hand held night vision system finished
Development of a multi-bus platform for automation testbed finished
Development of a talker localization system for a verbally interactive robot finished
Development of an adaptive automatic reclosing function which inhibits reclosing on permanent faults finished
Dynamisk belastning finished
Embedded vision system based on Android in Tablets finished
Enhancing the human-team awareness of a robot finished
Fault detection of Brushless DC Motors finished
FPGA - Reconfigurable Systems in ZynQ finished
Geststyrning med Senseboard för Sblings-gränssnitt finished
Governor Electronics for Diesel Engines finished
Halvautomatisk styrning av RMRC finished
High Speed 2kW DC/DC Converter finished
Image optimization algorithms on an FPGA finished
Implementation of IEEE 1394 (Firewire) in an FPGA finished
Implementering av snabb och effektiv DC-DC Omvandlare för autonom robot finished
Implementering och optimering av Spin image algotrim finished
Intelligent battery charger finished
Intuitiv styrning av ABB robot i simulerings miljön Robotstudio finished
Kalibreringstjänst för PQ mätinstrument finished
Konstruktion av integrerad H-brygga med styrdator och tachometer. finished
Koppling mellan motorstyrkort och mini-ITX dator . finished
Localization and Navigation System for an Autonomous Wheel Loader finished
Machine Tool Tending finished
Monocular Visual SLAM based on Inverse Depth Parametrization finished
Mätning av spridare till SVEA-96 Optima3 finished
Nätverksbaserad styrning av kamerakran finished
ORGFX - a Wishbone compatible Graphics Accelerator for the OpenRISC processor finished
Planar Robot Arm Modelling and Control finished
Powerline simulation over LONworks finished
Programmering av styrning av tvättarm på tvättrobot. finished
Robot Calibration based on Kinematic Couplings finished
Sensornätverk baserad på Zigbee finished
Stereo Vision System for an Autonomous Robotic Platform finished
Testbed for a semi-full-custom mixed signal ASIC finished
Testutrustning för vakuumvakter finished
The Internal Workings of Video Game Consoles: The GameBoy finished
Thermal optimization of VEO+ projectors finished
UAV visual servoing for autonomous ground vehicles in ROS simulation environment finished
Universell kopplingsbox mellan NC-maskin och industrirobot finished
USB/CAN brygga i VHDL finished
Utredning av styrsystem på modern brandbil finished
Utveckling av styrsystem till långtidstest för värmetråd finished
Vision system for robotic arm of grapple harvester finished
Adaptive visual control of a 1dof electric transmission system on-hold
Tool integration approach focusing on V&V aspects on-hold