Fredrik Ekstrand, Head of Division

Hardware-based image processing algorithms for stereo-vision.

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Latest publications:

FP-SLIC: A Fully-Pipelined FPGA Implementation of Superpixel Image Segmentation (Jan 2023)
Adnan Ghaderi, Carl Ahlberg, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström
25th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD) (DSD 2022)

The genetic algorithm census transform: evaluation of census windows of different size and level of sparseness through hardware in-the-loop training (Jul 2020)
Carl Ahlberg, Miguel Leon Ortiz, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström
Open Access Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (J RT Image Proc)

Unbounded Sparse Census Transform using Genetic Algorithm (Jan 2019)
Carl Ahlberg, Miguel Leon Ortiz, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström
WACV 2019 - IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV'19)

Early Results and Ideas for Enhancements of the Master of Engineering Programme in Dependable Aerospace Systems (Dec 2017)
Håkan Forsberg, Kristina Lundqvist, Fredrik Ekstrand, Magnus Otterskog
The 6th Development Conference for Swedish Engineering (USIU2017)

GIMME2 - an embedded system for stereo vision and processing of megapixel images with FPGA-acceleration (Dec 2015)
Carl Ahlberg, Fredrik Ekstrand, Mikael Ekström, Giacomo Spampinato , Lars Asplund
2015 International Conference on ReConFigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig'15)

Towards an Embedded Real-Time High Resolution Vision System (Dec 2014)
Fredrik Ekstrand, Carl Ahlberg, Giacomo Spampinato , Mikael Ekström
10th International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC'14)

MSc theses supervised (or examined):
Thesis TitleStatus
Extension of grip patterns for the intelligent pre-touch adaptive (IPA) gripper. available
Intelligent Robotic Gripper with Adaptive Grasp Technique in progress
Multi-drone Control System in progress
Underwater Pose Estimation Using Sensor Fusion in progress
Video-rate environment recognition for indoor service robot application in progress
A Mobile Robot Platform for Measuring Ionizing Radiation on Floor-Surfaces finished
A wishbone compatible SD card controller for embedded usage finished
Adaptive autonomy with unreliable communication finished
Analys av flygplatsavisning genom uppvärmda landningsbanor finished
Design and construction of an manipulator for an autonomous underwater vehicle finished
Efficient Implementation Of Image Analysis Algorithm For Evaluation And Prediction Of The Metal Cutting Process Using Jaguar Platform finished
Extended target tracking using Gaussian processes on stick-pixel defined objects finished
FPGA Accelerated De-hazing by Visible and Near-infrared Image Fusion finished
ORGFX - a Wishbone compatible Graphics Accelerator for the OpenRISC processor finished
Production line test equipment for PM stepper motors finished
Servo Motors Control With FPGA : control system with torque change finished
Simplified Sensor System for an Intelligent Robotic Gripper finished
World´s fastest go and grasp finished
Object Detection for Robot@Home on-hold
Strain Gauge system on a moon rover on-hold