AVANS - civilingenjörsprogrammet i tillförlitliga flyg- och rymdsystem



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The Dependable Aerospace Systems Programme AVANS project is funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation. The funding covers development of new advanced courses in year 4 and 5 using modern teaching theories for deeper learning and the development of an arrangement to provide students with research experience from real university led research projects. The courses under development in year 4 and 5 are Design of Autonomous Aerospace Systems (7.5 credits), Design of Fault Tolerant Systems (7.5 credits) and an immense project course in Dependable Systems (22.5 credits). The project started in January 2017 and will end in October 2018.

Håkan Forsberg, Senior Lecturer

Email: hakan.forsberg@mdu.se
Room: U1-081
Phone: +46-21-101381