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This is an application for adjunct senior lecturer in the area of Cloud Computing at MDH in collaboration with ABB Corporate Research (ABB CRC), Västerås. The applicant for the senior
lecturer position is Dr. Hongyu Pei Breivold, Principal Scientist at ABB CRC. The fellowship will open up the possibility of establishing strategic partnership for a long-term education program in the area of Cloud Computing as a part of Masters and PhD Program in Software Engineering. Cloud Computing is a rapidly grown field in ICT and one of the emerging business strategies of ABB. While there is an increased use of Cloud Computing in many business areas, there is also increasing a lack of experts. ABB can contribute in shaping MDH’s Software Engineering master program with respect to the field of Industrial Systems Cloud Computing, by developing courses, giving lectures, provide guest lectures and project work to students. ABB will also benefit from the fellowship by ensuring availability of people with special skills which are crucial for ABB to expand and maintain its position in the market, and in general increase the expertise in this area integrated with other aspects of effective system development and service. In addition, the fellowship will further strengthen the cooperation between ABB and MDH, and ensures a continued good knowledge transfer.

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