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Journal article (4)

Unobtrusive Cognitive Assessment in Smart-Homes: Leveraging Visual Encoding and Synthetic Movement Traces Data Mining (Feb 2024)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Annica Kristoffersson, Mia Folke, Maria Lindén, Daniele Riboni
Sensors (MDPI Sensors)

Enhancing Kitchen Activity Recognition: A Benchmark Study of the Rostock KTA Dataset (Jan 2024)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Teodor Stoev , Kristina Yordanova

Activity Recognition in Smart Homes via Feature-Rich Visual Extraction of Locomotion Traces (Apr 2023)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Silvia M. Massa , Daniele Riboni
Electronics (MDPI Electronics)

TraMiner: Vision-Based Analysis of Locomotion Traces for Cognitive Assessment in Smart-Homes (Feb 2021)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Elham Khodabandehloo , Daniele Riboni
Cognitive Computation (Cog. Comp.)

Conference/Workshop Paper (2)

A Combination of Visual and Temporal Trajectory Features for Cognitive Assessment in Smart Home (Aug 2022)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Andrea Loddo , Barbara Pes , Daniele Riboni
IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM)

Towards Vision-based Analysis of Indoor Trajectories for Cognitive Assessment (Nov 2020)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Elham Khodabandehloo , Daniele Riboni
IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP)

Article, review (1)

Sensor-based Locomotion Data Mining for Supporting the Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Disorders: a Survey (Aug 2023)
Samaneh Zolfaghari, Sumaiya Suravee , Daniele Riboni , Kristina Yordanova
ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)

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