Ella Olsson, Researcher

Ph.D. 2009. Ella Olsson works as a researcher/systems engineer at Saab Group and IDT, Mälardalen University. She participates in the NFFP7-DYMA and is "Gränsgångare/Straddler" between SAAB Group and MDH

Saab AB, R&D, Systems Engineer
Dec 2011 – Present     

Mälardalen University, PhD Student
Jan 2004 – Sep 2009 
 PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow Oct 2009 – Sep 2011   
 Research area lies within Artificial Intelligence and its application within Condition Based Monitoring (CBM), Maintenace of machines and  implementation of intelligent CBM systems.  

ABB Robotics, Industrial PhD Student
Jan 2004 – Jan 2006  
 Research on intelligent systems for monitoring and quality control of industrial robots. 

PhD, Computer Science 2006-2009, Mälardalen University 

Fil Kand, Computer Science 2004-2005, Mälardalen University 

MSc, Computer Science  2003 – 2004, Mälardalen University      

BSc, Computer Science  1997 – 2000, Mälardalen University 

Research area lies within Artificial Intelligence, R&D Saab Ground support systems & future technologies Learning systems in operational Aircraft maintenance Specialties: Case-Based Reasoning Model-Based Reasoning, Information modeling, Decision Support, Ontologies, Feature Selection, Classification, Diagnosis and Prognosis